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Good Company Music Group, LLC



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This is an awesome time to be creating music. Through the internet, we can send audio files back and forth at lightning speed. You are no longer limited by geography to determine who you can work with. Take advantage of online mixing with The LX  to deliver fast, high quality, creative mixes at a reasonable price.

Once your tracks are recorded, we will arrange for you to submit the session/audio stems to us. Please complete the order form and submit the session files/audio stems via a Dropbox or WeTransfer link where indicated. Additionally, please describe your vision, references, rough mixes or other songs that you want to emulate, etc. in the field indicated.

Once your files are received, they will be loaded into a session to ensure that files are properly configured and that there are no missing files.

You will be given 1 FREE revision to ensure that you are satisfied with the mix. Additional revisions will be offered at a nominal charge. Once completed and approved, we will return your mix by email in a 24 bit WAV file at an optimal level ready for mastering. The turn around time is approximately 72 hours.

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